inner work is a life-long journey

provide knowledge and support application of positive practices

culturally adapted Training Programs

We want to make mental health and wellness the new normal in organizations. We believe in training that is engaging, fun and memorable, and encourages participants to  reflect on themselves and improve their self-awareness and skills in managing themselves and others.

Our training programs are based on the latest research on neuroscience, organizational, positive and clinical psychology and best management practices. We know the world of work, inside out, and we strive to offer tools with immediate practical applications


For Managers

Globally successful companies have one thing in common: their managers are revolutionizing organizations with new styles of leadership. This paradigm shift becomes a reality in the Inner Work Management Development Programs, which allow us to turn towards new levels of management excellence and leadership.

For Staff

Employee training is important to any company and to any industry! Each workout has its unique benefits.

Our experience

We have designed learning programs, coached trainers, and trained thousands of people on five continents for the pharmaceutical industry, the United Nation’s International Labor Organization, other international organizations, governments, academia, NGOs, and big and large companies in several sectors.

Training partners

We cooperate with researchers, training organizations, academic institutions, and individual experts to provide the best possible service.

Inner Work’s training partners consist of senior level professionals across the globe. Their expertise covers organizational and clinical psychology, psychiatry, business management, HR quality management & process development, as well as executive coaching, maternity, menopause, women’s leadership and much more.

We also have access to specialists in specific areas of the mental health, such as for example narcissism and autism and neurodiversity.


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