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Are you wondering how to promote staff well-being

In times of disruption, where 68% of millennials and 81% of GenZ are willing to leave their jobs for mental health reasons, it can be challenging to retain and sustain teams’ well-being, but we have solutions for you.

We can measure your staff well-being with our custom-made tools, and after assisting many professionals in overcoming and recovering from mental health challenges, we know what it takes to get better. We know how to approach people at all parts of the mental health spectrum. We promote personal responsibility and empowerment.

With us, you can base your mental health and well-being activities on scientifically validated approaches, tools, and training that combine the best in neuroscience and psychology to keep your people well and help them bounce back from setbacks. We can also provide individuals with targeted short-term mental health coaching and therapy.


Money spent on staff mental health offers
three to six times return on investment.

The more preventative the approach, the higher the return.

Our expertise

  • Burnout and exhaustion
  • Work related transitions
  • Conflicts, bullying and harassment
  • The Safe and Sound Protocol
  • Narcissism and emotional immaturity
  • Financial challenges
  • Trauma, PTSD, toxic workplaces
  • Autism and giftedness at work
  • Client's comments

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