Better data drives better mental well-being

measure and target your budgets and efforts

mental health & safety management is employer's duty
and employees' fundamental right at work

we know how to Measure and benchmark it

Documentation is just the start. Measurement must drive actions. Mentally healthy companies focus on supporting  employees' inner work and have systems that are:

1. Championed by the top management

2. Measured consistently Linked to strategic

3. Linked to strategic business objectives

4. Embedded in management systems

5. Operational, easy, and trusted by managers and employees

*The five core labor standards defined by the International Labor Organization (ILO) are a set of five fundamental, universal and indivisible human rights at work: Freedom from forced labor, abolition of child labor, freedom from discrimination, freedom of association and safe and healthy working environment.

90% of employees want to work for an organization

that cares about mental health and wellness and demonstrates this commitment in practice.

We offer a comprehensive solution

Organizations have an opportunity to promote breakthroughs. It requires stepping back before rushing forward. It requires understanding your legal risks,  and focusing narrowly to have big impact. It requires embedding mental health into management systems, creating measurements, adopting a systematic approach rather than providing quick fixes.

In addition to helping you understand your legal risks, our custom-made and scientifically validated assessment tools will help you measure how your staff is doing, and what interventions and approaches will be the most effective for your organization.

When the organization has a solid foundation, and has fulfilled its legal duty of care, it will be easier and more effective to promote staff wellbeing, train people  and measure impact on ongoing basis.

The majority of emotional, behavioral, and mental issues at work are preventable and manageable or can then be addressed with relatively small cost.

We can support you in every step from basic structures to adopting international gold standard in workplace mental health. 

Financial and human benefits

Younger career builders consider a mentally healthy workplace the second most important factor when accepting a job. A supportive workplace that promotes and protects staff’s mental well-being is also a powerful reason for staying. Psychological safety impacts innovation.  Robust mental health structures impact sustainability and improve organization’s ESG and SDG scores.

In the US, organizations spend on average over $15,000 annually on each employee experiencing mental health issues. Poor mental health cost EU employers EUR 600 billion annually, and costs have increased by up to 74% during the past decade. The mental health costs per employee in the EU is on average 3,000 EUR annually and continuously increasing.

The cost saving potential is remarkable

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