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who we are

Inner Work acts as an umbrella for a cohesive group of talented and inspired professionals and companies comprised of mental health professionals, systems and quality management experts, lawyers, coaches, facilitators, and consultants capable working in English, French, German, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Mandarin, and Japanese.

We are driven by passion for workplace mental health and well-being and want to contribute to a genuine change. We have strong work ethic and like to partner with our clients.

Inner Work was founded by Susanna Harkonen, a registered mental health professional with background in supply chain management.

Susanna earned her Master’s in counseling from Monash University in Australia and has a Master’s in supply chain management from Helsinki School of Economics.

Susanna is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Clinical Grief Counselor, Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist and trained in narcissism, psychological first aid and clinical neuroscience. Susanna is multicultural and multilingual, having worked and lived in multiple countries, including China and India.

Our Mission

make mental health and well-being the new normal in organizatioNs

We strive to be our client’s partner of choice by offering a comprehensive, science based and easily accessible preventative mental health & wellness solution to companies of all sizes.

Our values

we drive genuine change

We offer multicultural services that empower organizations and individuals  and help make sustainable changes. 

We are committed to long-term client relationships. All of our services are subject to ongoing research and continuous development. We believe that the best results can be obtained through mutual commitment and pragmatic, actionable steps, taken consistently over time.

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